Breakthrough Depression Book

The Breakthrough Depression Solution

The Breakthrough Depression Solution offers patients and their families new hope for sustained recovery from depression.

Depression, a disabling illness that threatens to become the major cause of disability worldwide by the year 2020, is surprisingly common, affecting over 15 million individuals in the United States alone. But the statistics regarding recovery are dismal. Standard treatment for depression successfully eliminates symptoms in only 33% of patients, and in roughly 70% of those with depression, it recurs.

In The Breakthrough Depression Solution, Dr. Greenblatt offers a new approach to this devastating and debilitating illness grounded in personalized medicine. The fundamental premise of this approach focuses on medicine tailored to each individual. Just as personality and appearance is unique, so are the factors that contribute to depression. Focusing on personalized medicine, Dr. Greenblatt concentrates on nutrition, genetics, stress, and when needed, technology to ensure that medications and treatment are targeted towards individual biochemistry. By identifying and addressing all the factors that contribute to depression, depression can be successfully treated!

The Breakthrough Depression Solution also offers a revolutionary new approach for medication selection. Psychiatric medications, if needed, are targeted to the individual through a simple, noninvasive test—referenced elecotroencephalogram (rEEG). rEEG provides a neurophysiologically based treatment for predicting and customizing medications for patients with depression. This revolutionary, yet simple, brain test enables psychiatrists to improve the traditional trial-and-error approach to medication selection. Shortening the time a patient suffers from depression reduces the severity of consequences and improves the chances of full recovery.

Dr. Greenblatt summarizes his personalized treatment approach as THE ZEEBrA approach, a mnemonic that covers each of the critical factors that should be addressed in the diagnosis and treatment of depression. THE ZEEBrA approach to diagnosis and treatment puts the science back into mental health treatment, takes the blame off the patient, and ultimately helps patients find sustained recovery from depression.

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