Integrative Medicine for Alzheimer's

Every 65 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's disease. With an aging population and growing need for alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals, Dr. James Greenblatt, MD, shares his breakthrough integrative treatment for Alzheimer’s using nutritional lithium. Integrative Medicine for Alzheimer's illustrates the importance of this mineral not only as a nutrient vital to cognition, but also as a nutritional component that helps protect our brains and prevent memory loss.


In ​Integrative Medicine for Alzheimer’s​, you will learn:

● The anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects of therapeutic lithium ● How lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics put us at greater risk of memory loss ● How nutritional interventions such as micro-dosing lithium can prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease


James Greenblatt, MD

A pioneer the field of integrative medicine, James M. Greenblatt, MD, is a nutritional micro-dose lithium expert. As a board-certified child and adult psychiatrist, Dr. Greenblatt has lectured internationally on the scientific evidence for nutritional interventions in attention, mood, and eating disorders, as well as Alzheimer’s Disease and other psychiatric illnesses. He is the author of six books on integrative psychiatric therapies and serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at both Tufts University School of Medicine and Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine.




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