If you are a provider seeking clinical guidance and treatment insight for a patient case from Dr. Greenblatt, please complete the provider form below.

Clinician Phone Consultations

If you would like to schedule a clinician phone consultation with Dr. Greenblatt to better understand if and how he can assist with a patient case, please email consultations@jamesgreenblattmd.com. In this email, please include a brief summary of your case request so Dr. Greenblatt can ensure the case is within the scope of his practice. To adequately address your questions and concerns, we suggest 60 minutes for the initial consultation.

Cost of a phone consultation: 
$550 for the initial 60-minute consultation
$375 for 30-minute follow up consultation

If you are a patient seeking treatment guidance for your mental health, we require the oversight and involvement of your treating physician/provider for all patient consultations. Please refer to our patient consultation guidelines to ensure your provider is available to work with Dr. Greenblatt. If your provider is interested in working with Dr. Greenblatt in this capacity, please have them complete the form below on your behalf. For additional questions, please email consultations@jamesgreenblattmd.com.

Provider Consultation Request

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