Innovative Presentations for Diverse Audiences

As a pioneer in the field of personalized, integrative medicine Dr. Greenblatt is a sought-after international speaker and educator. His dynamic presentations combine experiences from three decades of clinical experience with the latest evidence-based research. For more information on his current schedule or to find him at an event near you, please visit the Upcoming Events page. Dr. Greenblatt presents on the following topics:

  • Integrative Medicine for Mental Health The latest information on the role of nutritional deficiencies in mental health, the use of nutritional supplementation, and diagnostic tools including genetic testing.
  • Effective Treatment of Eating Disorders Including discussions on genetics and the role of puberty in eating disorders, nutritional deficiencies, and nutritional supplementation.
  • Natural Strategies for Mood Disorders A whole body, biomedical approach to diagnosing and treating underlying issues contributing to mood disorders.
  • A Wide Range of Topics Related to ADHD Such as evidence-based Integrative Medicine strategies, effective non-medical solutions for ADHD, functional medicine testing, environmental toxins and behavioral problems, and genetic testing as it relates to personalized medicine.
  • Overall Mental Health and Wellbeing Accessible presentations designed for beginner audiences to introduce key components of a natural approach to wellness


Healthcare professionals and treatment providers looking to incorporate evidence-based integrative strategies into practice


Individuals and groups seeking education on simple, safe and effective natural methods to improve health and wellbeing


Companies and businesses interested in finding ways to improve employee wellness and mental health in the workplace