Finally Focused

The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD That Restores Attention, Minimizes Hyperactivity, and Helps Eliminate Drug Side Effects

By: James Greenblatt, MD
In the United States, 11% of children aged 4-17 (almost 7 million children) have been diagnosed with ADHD. Most of the diagnosed—about 70%—are never treated. ADHD is not a discipline problem. It is a medical condition that presents as a set of symptoms with a range of possible underlying causes unique to each child. It is a genetically-caused neurological disorder that can be controlled with brain-assisting drugs. But to really heal, your ADHD child needs individualized treatment to uncover and correct a unique pattern of deficiencies and excesses that affect the brain and trigger symptoms.

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Integrative Therapies for Depression

Redefining Models for Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention

By: James Greenblatt, MD & Kelly Brogan, MD
The pervasive use of antidepressant medications has provided mixed results with efficacy of far lower than originally described. Only about 54 percent of depressed patients show substantial clinical improvements when they take their medicines as prescribed, and of those people, two-thirds continue to experience residual symptoms that interfere with their ability to function. The placebo response rate is about 40% and has continued to increase over the years.

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Nutritional Lithium: A Cinderella Story

The Untold Story of the Mineral That Transforms Lives and Heals the Brain

By: James Greenblatt, MD
Lithium has been widely prescribed and researched as a mood stabilizing drug, yet it continues to be one of the most slandered and misunderstood therapies in medicine. Cast under a darkness and mystery for being one of the oldest treatments in psychopharmacology, what many have ignored is that lithium is not a synthetic chemical or pharmaceutical concoction. Rather, it is a mineral that is essential to human health. Present in trace amounts in the foods we eat and the water we drink, lithium is a critical nutrient for many aspects of human physiology.

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Integrative Medicine for Alzheimer’s

The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan That Prevents Alzheimer’s Using Nutritional Lithium

By: James Greenblatt, MD
A deadly neurological malady characterized by progressive and irreparable shrinking of brain tissue, Alzheimer’s disease causes declines in memory, social abilities, and communication skills that accelerate aging and eventually lead to death. Conventional medicine has failed to develop treatments for this terrifying disease. No drug or proprietary medicine has been shown to be effective. In this groundbreaking book, leading integrative psychiatrist Dr. James M. Greenblatt reveals that hope has come from new research showing the answer lies with an integrative approach, of which nutrition is a key factor. The key lies in low-dose nutritional lithium, a naturally occurring mineral with a long and well-documented history of restoring brain and nervous system function at the molecular level. Integrative Medicine for Alzheimer’s presents this simple and effective approach to the prevention and treatment of dementia, delivering a wealth of scientific support for the clinical use of nutritional lithium.

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Integrative Medicine for Binge Eating

The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan That Defeats Binge Eating

By: James Greenblatt
Every year millions of Americans struggle to lose weight, financing a huge dieting industry that earns fifty-five billion dollars annually. Despite their efforts, two-thirds of American adults remain either obese or overweight. It’s clear that dieting doesn’t work, and failed attempts to lose weight only make the situation worse by encouraging disordered eating behavior.

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Integrative Medicine for Depression

The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan That Defeats Depression

By: James Greenblatt, MD
A disease that has long plagued humankind, depression is debilitating. Despite the frequency with which they are prescribed, drugs alone don’t always provide relief, and often have side effects that limit effectiveness. There’s new hope for treatment, as emerging evidence suggests depression can be triggered by biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. In the newly updated edition of Integrative Medicine for Depression, mental health expert Dr. James M. Greenblatt emphasizes the treatment of depression using an integrative regimen that first seeks to understand the whole person. This book offers fresh new possibilities for those who suffer from depression. Incorporating decades of research and treatment in this groundbreaking work.

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Light on Schizophrenia

Revealing Causes and Solutions from an Orthomolecular Perspective
By Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD
with contributions from:
James Greenblatt, MD
Jonathan Prousky, ND, MSc
Paul Demeda, CNP

This book explores the causes, contributors and solutions to schizophrenia from an orthomolecular perspective. Discover the nutrient deficiencies, dependencies, and environmental toxins such as heavy metals, that contribute to the pathogenesis of schizophrenia. It integrates current knowledge on the causes and moderators of schizophrenia, providing valuable new contributions from James Greenblatt, MD, and Jonathan Prousky, ND.

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