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James Greenblatt, MD

Functional Psychiatrist, Orthomolecular Hall of Fame Inductee, Author & Founder of Psychiatry Redefined

A pioneer in the field of functional psychiatry, Dr. James Greenblatt has treated patients since 1990. For the last three decades, Dr. Greenblatt has devoted his career to educating his colleagues, clinicians, and patients on the profound effects functional medicine can have on mental wellness, and how to employ balanced, integrative strategies in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. He is the founder of and lectures extensively worldwide on functional therapies for mental health. Additionally, Dr. Greenblatt has authored six books, including books on depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and suicide prevention.


Articles by Dr. Greenblatt

Integrative Medicine

The Tomato Effect

Reluctance to embrace nutritional approaches for medical conditions. Nutritional medicine has long been considered “alternative medicine,” and despite increasing scientific research supporting the link between…
James Greenblatt, MD
October 14, 2019
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