Information for Patients & Loved Ones

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Greenblatt and his work, please visit his educational platform, Psychiatry Redefined. Here you will find various articles on specific diagnoses and treatments, books for patients and clinicians, and free resources for understanding his clinical approach to treating mental illness with functional, integrative and metabolic psychiatry.

If you are seeking a provider to oversee your care, we have compiled a dedicated Provider Directory – list of medical practitioners (by location) who have studied and consulted with Dr. Greenblatt. This may be helpful in securing a suitable provider to begin your care journey.

Recommended Organizations

The websites recommended below may also help you locate providers in your area with experience in an integrative and functional approach to mental health.

Please understand that the websites below are not professional recommendations from Dr. Greenblatt, but simply resources to aid your search. We do not have direct knowledge of their specific types of practice, fees, or specialized training.