Mental Health Emergency Declared for Kids Struggling with Pandemic’s Emotional Fallout

Article originally published by Lorie Johnson on CBN News. Article preview below.

Already horrific childhood mental health stats were made significantly worse during the COVID-19 pandemic. ¬†While the predominant focus during the pandemic has been and still remains¬†physical health, the mental health of America’s youth has recently deteriorated to never before seen levels of concern.

Several leading pediatric health organizations declared children’s mental health a national emergency. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the Children’s Hospital Association issued a joint declaration highlighting the steep rise in mental health challenges among America’s youth, urging America’s policymakers to increase access to mental health resources for children regardless of the parent’s ability to pay.

Physical Solutions to a Mental Challenge

Sometimes physical changes in areas such as exercise, diet, and sleep can lessen emotional problems, or in some cases, eliminate them.

Psychiatrist James Greenblatt, author of Integrative Medicine for Depression: The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan That Defeats Depression, told CBN News too many depressed children and teens aren’t eating right, including kids who are overweight.

“They are also profoundly deficient in certain nutrients,” he said.

Dr. Greenblatt says two of the primary contributors are low levels of vitamin D and zinc, which have been linked to emotional problems in young people. He suggests parents consider supplementing their child’s diet with these nutrients because it can be difficult to get adequate amounts into a child’s daily diet.

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