New Advances in Treating Anorexia: Answers to Anorexia

Article originally published on KPVI News Channel 6.

In this updated edition of Answers to Anorexia (FriesenPress, September 24), psychiatrist James M. Greenblatt, MD, applies his extensive experience as an eating disorder expert of over 20 years and the very latest in scientific research to present a novel treatment model for anorexia nervosa.

Citing both his extensive clinical work as well as peer-reviewed research, Dr. Greenblatt explains that addressing the nutritional deficits that compromise brain function is a critical prerequisite to future treatment success.

This easy-to-read book, intended for clinicians and lay readers alike, extends current knowledge regarding the biology and psychology of anorexia…and from this knowledge distills a more comprehensive treatment model that will improve patient outcomes.

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