Interviews & Podcasts

  1. Dr. James Greenblatt Discusses Psychiatry Redefined, TalkToMeGuy with Richard O.
  2. Anxiety, Depression & A Better Approach, A Patient Story Podcast with Daniel Baden, ND
  3. Building a Holistic Support Picture for ADHD, Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart
  4. An interview with Dr. James Greenblatt, VatorNews
  5. Healthy Aging–The Link Between Nutrition and Brain Health, Beyond the Balance Sheet
  6. New Supplement Strategies: Using Trace Minerals and Plant Extracts to Treat ADHD, ADDitude
  7. A Revolutionary Approach to Eating Disorders Using Key Nutrients & Dietary Interventions Alongside Mind-Dody Therapies, MindHealth360
  8. Answers to Anorexia for NEDAweek, One Life Radio with Patti Dawson
  9. Treating Adult ADHD with Integrative Medicine with Lisa Alastuey
  10. Follow Your Gut to Great Mental Health, In Your Head with Leigh Richardson
  11. Mental Health & Depression: The Gut-Brain Connection & 3 Things You Can Do NOW, The Modern Sage with Leah Guy
  12. Answers to Anorexia, OM Radio with Victor Fuhrman of Vox Novus
  13. Nutritional Solutions in Psychiatry, The Listen Notes
  14. Healing Quest Interview on KFBK News iHeart Radio
  15. Recognize, Prevent, and Recover from Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders, The Five Journeys Podcast
  16. A Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan For ADHD That Restores Attention & Minimizes Hyperactivity, The Brain Possible
  17. An Interview with Dr. Greenblatt, Health Shift with Julie Freeman
  18. Innovative Approaches with People Who Are Suicidal Webinar Series with Mad in America (Use code GREENBLATT for FREE access!)
  19. Genetic Vulnerability to Mental Health Disorders and How Nutritional Deficiencies May be an Indicator, Finding Genius Podcast
  20. Gut Check Time, The Happy Molecule with Kevin Frankish
  21. Nutritional Supplementation for Neurodevelopmental and Mood Disorders with Epidemic Answers
  22. Can There Be a Functional Medicine Approach to Suicide? The Health Hub with Cathy Biase
  23. Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD with Dr. James Greenblatt (Episode 15), Helping Children Thrive
  24. How Martial Arts and Mindfulness Helps ADHD with Emil Barna, YouTube
  25. A Functional Approach to Binge Eating Disorder with Dr. Ashley Triboulet, Glial Goddess Postcast
  26. Answers to Anorexia, BITEradio
  27. Finally Focused: The Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD, Sound Health Radio
  28. Mapping Nutritional Lithium (#190), 15-Minute Matrix with Andrea Nakayama
  29. Suicide Prevention: An Integrative Approach, MindHealth360
  30. ADHD: Breakthrough Treatment to Restore Attention and Focus, Minimize Hyperactivity, and Eliminate Drug Side Effects, MindHealth360
  31. Interview with Redefining Medicine (Episode 98), The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
  32. The Functional Medicine Approach to ADHD, Revolution Health Radio (RHR) with Chris Kresser
  33. A Discussion of PTSD with Dr. James Greenblatt, Sound Health Radio
  34. Integrative Medicine for Binge Eating, Sound Health Radio
  35. Integrative Psychiatry, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Nutritional Lithium, Positive Health Podcast on iHeartRadio
  36. Integrative Medicine’s Role in Suicide Prevention, Integrative Practitioner (Episode #61)
  37. Listening to Your Gut, Shrink Rap Radio (Episode #406)
  38. Binge Eating Interview with Food Sleuth Radio
  39. Breakthrough Natural Treatments for ADHD , Kids in Crisis (Episode 22), Beth Greer: The Super Natural Mom ®
  40. ADHD and Eating Disorders, TADD Talk, Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)
  41. Mastering Depression and Mood with Nutrition, Diet & Supplementation, Health Professional Radio
  42. The Untold Story of The Little Mineral That Heals The Brain, Ann Louise Gittleman Interview (Episode 32)
  43. Lithium and Brain Health Optimization, High Intensity Health (Episode #149)
  44. Integrative Treatment For Mood Disorders In Kids and Teens, The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens (Episode 21)
  45. Integrative Psychiatry, Eating Disorders, and Suicide Prevention with James Greenblatt, MD, Mental Horizons Podcast (S2E5)
  46. Defeat Alzheimer’s with Lithium, Health Media Now
  47. Doctor’s Orders with Dr. James Greenblatt, Faster Than Normal
  48. Finally Focused: A Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD, Tara Marie Live (Episode 12)
  49. A Mental Illness Discussion with Dr. James Greenblatt, Vinnie Tortorich (Episode 616)
  50. Mental Illness with Dr. James Greenblatt, WPRO (Episode 616), Raskin Resources Productions
  51. Lithium Deficiency and Mental Health, Myers Detox (Aug 10, 2016)
  52. Nutritional Deficiencies That Can Cause Eating Disorders, The Higher Practice Podcast for Optimal Mental Health (Episode 60, Aug 12, 2020)